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Health, Vitality, Longevity, Sustainability
through Intelligent Communications and Information

This website provides early announcements and previews. More conventional public websites will be presented in due course. Additional background info is available through the link below. Extensive in-depth material is available upon direct request.

[1] Who
Intelligence Renaissance Industries (IRI) began in 2017 as a synthesis of technologies derived from decades of research and applications in physics, mathematics and the life sciences including neuroscience and neurology. A major outcome is now a foundation for (r)evolutionary breakthrough advances and improvements in social communications, forecasting, prediction, and control (cybernetics, AI). Our present thrust is in the healthcare and medical field with products and services focused upon neurology and neurorestorative medicine.

This is our foundation and focus Today. The long-term development path by which we will develop and release other variations and applications of our core technologies is strongly focused on enhancing personal, family and social well-being and health.

[2] What
IRI and its partners within the medical, physical and informational sciences have cohesively refined technologies and tools for use by patients, providers, care-givers, and families. Our initial offerings are directed in neurology for several reasons including the rise in auto-immune disorders and diseases, particularly multiple sclerosis (MS), and forms of dementia such as Alzheimer's, as well as in depression, anxiety and stress disorders. What we have at IRI also applies to neurorestorative therapies applicable to stroke and traumatic brain injury.

This is where advances in biophysics and neuroscience come together and integrate with how people can do things to live more purposive, meaningful, happier lives.

[3] Why
IRI as a company is a unique private corporation. As a "for-profit" company, we regard capital profits and gains as something that comes with responsibilities for sharing these gains with the society, the communities in which we exist, do business, and profit. We are committed to the ongoing research and development that extends our objectives and our abilities to serve society. Our Team and our Board work to achieve a balance so that resources, both capital and otherwise, can be usefully, synergetically, and optimally directed to serve the purposes for which we have created this company.

This encompasses the way we use communication, collaboration, education, and conduct other activities to enhance personal and social environments. We are committed to aiding programs and projects that serve children, youth, the disadvantaged, the disabled, the elderly, and our society as a whole.

[4] How
About how we have been designing, crafting and building our business offering, there are two bodies of information:
  • Some basic, technical, and business-oriented documents, some of which are available through the link down below ("Introductory Documents"). Many of these do not go into the latest changes and designs, and our unitary focus on health, medicine, and what we term "NeuroVitality".
  • Other and newer materials that are available to people who contact us. These go into our current offerings and our partnerships and affiliations. Once we begin having dialog and engage in determining the common interests, foundations, and mutual understandings, then it is easier to know what to provide.

[5] Today
We have currently one new and special product that is in beta stage of development. This pertains to intelligent communication, sharing, organizing, scheduling, and learning, in the healthcare field. Particularly oriented toward serving patients, providers, care-givers, and others, it operates in the broad domain of neurological disorders and diseases, including MS, ALS, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer's, and it paves the way for the intelligent selection and adaptation of both new and traditional methods of preventive and restorative medicine for a wide range of conditions faced by millions of people today, and more Tomorrow.

Contact us to learn about this. It is what People Want and we are excited about its upcoming release soon.

For further information, contact us via +1 (231) 492-8301 (main number) or +1 (505) 926-1399 or by email to

Here is an introductory document that provides a summary of IRI Today.

Introductory Company Profile

Contact us to learn, and to become involved in this - and more.

Intelligence Renaissance Industries strongly supports the work of many individuals and organizations. We list some special places here, not to the exclusion of others, but for special mention and because of very timely and appropriate work they are doing that is complementary and synergetic with what IRI is all about.

Special Partners, Friends, and Projects we hold in high regard

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